Zenirand, Master of Contracts

Name Zenirand, Master of Contracts
Player ChaosPerfected
Domains and Portfolio’s Work (Labor/Toil), Commerce (Trade)
Alignment Lawful Evil

Zenirand is radiant to beyond and glows with the glint of a thousand jewels. He is so ridiculously and elaborately so covered that you can’t even tell what he wears underneath although it is likely made of an expensive and unknown godly material. The whole dramatic flair is meant to inspire jealously. His face is obscured by a mask of stone that portrays a completely blank expression; it’s said that this is because all mortals are equal to him, or to simply hide his true game from showing on his face. Although there may in fact be no substance below the body of stone and jewels.. a reflection of his true nature.

Zenirand inspires those below him to greatness by being the perfection of the idea of self-improvement. He will create and observe but never move to protect or coddle his creations because it would rob them of the experience of helping themselves. The teachings of Zenirand implore you to chase your own self-interest and the only moral purpose in life is to seek one’s own happiness independent of what it does to others. In the real world a mortal is, logically, a heroic being in his own mind that puts his own happiness first with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life and, with this reasoning, personal achievement as the hall-marks of a well-lived existence. Altruism is death; both for the rich man being gutted for his wealth, and for the end of struggle and change that charity brings. Those that don’t work will never improve themselves. And what you gain from this work can be bartered for further wealth and property, a business transaction, but it’s up to the other mortal to look out for their own personal happiness by reading the fine print. Life is given to a mortal, survival is not. You can not obtain food without knowledge of food and the way to obtain it, you can not accomplish anything without a knowledge of your aim and the means to achieve it. To remain alive, you must think and learn through hard work. To truly live life, you must never live for the sake of another.


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