Widow, the Nursemaid

Name Widow, the Nursemaid
Player Neopteryx
Domains and Portfolio’s Motherhood (Nests & Dens), Beasts (Aberrations)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Widow is always represented as an enormous invertebrate, most often a spider or scorpion, though she has taken stranger forms. She acts as a foster mother to the creatures she perceives as being cast-offs, unfortunates, abortions. She is mercurial in her selections, but her compassion for her chosen is unending… to their unending dismay. For while Widow is a deity of motherhood, she is equally one of mutation, and she never heals but she improves, in her alien, short sighted way, and her adopted children become something other than they were- and rarely anything they would choose to become.

On the other hand, if one simply must make a deal with a devil, they would be hard-pressed to find a more caring dealer than the matronly insect, mother of monsters.


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