Volkahff, The Eternal Witch

Name Volkahff, The Eternal Witch
Player volcan
Domains and Portfolio’s Growth (Forest), Darkness (Canopy)
Alignment Neutral Evil

Volkahff resembles a Giant, muscular, black* man of about 8 feet tall he carries two whips made from vines and he wears gold hoop earrings and a skull medaliion around his neck. He wears no shirt but a leafy cloth/skirt around his waist. His chest is slightly transluscent sort of showing a dark green heart.

Volkahff loves to spread corruption, forest, plants, disease and darkness. He shrouds out the sun with his forests canopy and hates the light. His heart is made of wood and leaves and is dark and cruel. He got created and saw that he loathed the sun and wants to protect the earth from it by covering it with forest. He loves animals (mostly beasts) and though he likes humans at a safe distance he knows he could use them to his beasts and forests benefit, becoming witches and choosing the path of evil over good.


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