Nika Silvereyes

Human Lawyer, turned Goddess of Justice and Protection

Name Nika Silvereyes, Nika of Klein
Player Inspector Valin
Domains and Portfolio’s Justice (Truth), Protection (Guardians)
Alignment Lawful Good

Nika generally takes the same form she did in life, a brown haired human woman, clad in long black robes that signified her office. Her eyes were always grey, but now her eyes twinkle with the light of the stars above. The main sign of her distinction from the sages and legalists of Klein is the mighty silver greatsword that she bears upon her back. Truth is one of the mightiest blades known to divinity, and remains resplendent to this day.


Nika was once a humble mortal, the daughter of two stoneworkers, a person of no consequence. However, she rose to become one of Klein’s finest lawyers. She helped to explain matters of legality to the city’s judiciary, striving to ensure that matters of trade dispute were settled fairly, and that crime in Klein was brought properly to light. It was a simple life, but her job satisfied Nika, and she loved her city. She might not be the equal of the mechanists, or a mighty defender of her city, yet she helped in her own way. Her work mattered to people.

But then, the demons of Iskar’Ven struck the City of Invention. And her life came to a swift end

A gout of plasma burned the Halls of Law: Klein’s greatest courthouse, and Nika’s place of work. Claimed before her time, as the Reaper who had come to take her soul dolefully informed her. Nika was not saddened by this however. She was angered. A single random gout of flame had struck her down, slain innocents alongside for no reason any of them could determine, and now she was dead simply… because? Not out of any choice she had ever made, not as the consequence of her actions, but simply due to her walking along the city walls at the wrong time? And because of these circumstances, she could no longer aid her home, or try to drive them back?

It was intolerable. It was Unjust. And she would keep on yelling at her Reaper until the unlucky ferryman took her to Kereth himself. The Lawyer of Klein would not be silenced when confronted with injustice, no matter how intimidating the judge might consider himself

Nika Silvereyes

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