Nester, the Spark of Ingenuity

Name Nester, the Spark of Ingenuity
Player Venetian Mask
Domains and Portfolio’s Invention (Technology), Creativity (Improvisation)
Alignment True Neutral
Symbol Multicolored sparks erupting from a wrench.

Nester is a god of craftsmen and engineers, his purview are technology and invention. The Divine Engineer greatly favors the ingenious and inventive and looks down upon those who would stifle improvements or fear advancement. As such he does not support any one race, instead choosing to favor those amongst all the races who hold the Spark of true creativity. These Sparks could be considered his priesthood, offering tribute through their works and sermons through the classes they teach. In return, the God of Invention will visit those Sparks in their dreams with blueprints and ideas they could scarcely imagine.

The Spark has many different forms depending on the races he interacts with. When he appears before a mortal he will generally appear as a wizened old male of their race wearing simple, but well made blacksmiths clothing with a simple brown leather apron. When interacting with the gods he may choose much stranger forms, sometimes appearing as a shower of sparks or a man made out of all kinds of different metal. His bearing is always regal, and in his eyes the observant may be able to spot a mischievous twinkle in his eyes betraying the many different ideas and inventions he’s working on.

His dogma is: Be lazy, but not slothful, for it is oft the lazy who are the greatest inventors.


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