Mekhet, the Whirling Chaos, the Manifold, The Fool God

Name Mekhet, the Whirling Chaos, the Manifold, The Fool God
Player Eshkigal
Domains and Portfolio’s Creation (Life), Chaos (Change)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Description: Mekhet is generally depicted as hundreds of thousands of whirling, spinning cogs, wheels, and gears, made up of all things (flesh, eyes, metals, stone, concepts, you name it) and quickly shifting in what each is. He is rarely in the same form for over a minute, whether number of items spinning, or composition. However, it never goes fewer than two spinning gears, and when it absolutely has to take a form comprehensible to mortals it is generally of some elemental of its choosing, sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes something completely different. For after all, why would Chaos be constant?

Mekhet is a god of whimsy and fluidity of nature. It may create a dozen species on a passing thought, or it may back the creation of champions of the extremities of alignment given a compelling argument on how that’ll be interesting. If a mortal prays for a tool that would make the world a more interesting place, for good or ill, it may be made with hopes that it’ll become a more interesting world. For that is all it really cares for-it loves interesting things, craves them, lest boredom sets in. Mekhet hates, despises, LOATHES, boredom. So if you need an ally, he is always willing, if he thinks it’d be fun to screw with you, expect a few gears to slip, but no matter what, expect it to go…differently than planned.


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