Kalevolan, The Warden of the Dark, Guardian of the Abyss

Name Kalevolan, The Warden of the Dark, Guardian of the Abyss
Player Elemental
Domains and Portfolio’s Darkness (The Abyss), Protection (Chains)
Alignment Neutral Good
Symbol A black key bound in silver chains or a silver sword bound in black chains.

Personality: At heart Kalevolan is a being of all-encompassing kindness, respecting the creations of all the Gods be they foul or fair. While he does prefer the less monstrous and less evil races, even the most hideous of nightmares made flesh has a spot in his heart.
Alas, Kalevolan bears a curse unique to the gods. While the vast majority of gods perceive time linearly and thus can remember only the past, Kalevolan in addition recalls all possible, and impossible, future events with perfect clarity. The sheer weight of knowledge that flooded into his mind shattered his sanity and he was forced into a cursed existence, never knowing if what he remembers is true or a lie, in the past or in the future.
Furthermore, it is said that he glimpsed something unholy, a creation that bore no sign of divine creation. Whether this is the true cause of his madness is unknown, but Kalevolan does spend an inordinate amount of time looking into the emptiness at the edge of creation as if checking that there is nothing there.

Appearance: Kalevolan generally takes the form of a tall man with long black hair and eyes of soft blue. He is usually seen dresses in black armour with silver decorations in a chain design and a long silver cape. At his left is belted a shining silver sword in a leather scabbard, and on his arm he bears a shield bearing the symbol of two crossed keys, one silver, the other gold. On his wrists are a pair of iron manacles attached to long chains that trail on the ground behind him. Around his neck he has hung a leather cord upon which are always at least a dozen keys in different metals.
At his side at all times is a heavy book bound in leather and marked with black runes. Kalevolan is very protective of it and never allows it to be touched, let alone opened by anyone else. This he keeps attached to a long leather strap hung over his left shoulder.


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