Domi, the Lawbringer

Name Domi, the Lawbringer
Player Xealot7
Domains and Portfolio’s Law (Justice), Protection (Defense), Healing (Restoration
Alignment Lawful Good

Appearance: Domi appears a heavily armored warrior who stands approximately 6’3" 225lbs. He is handsome, with chiseled features and body seems to be chiseled of granite. His armor is crafted of the finest adamantium and his blade has a razor sharp edge. Domi speaks in a calm and even tone that is reassuring to those who strive for good, but is foreboding for those who would promote evil.

Description: Domi is an idealist who hopes to see order and goodness in the world. He values integrity above all else. He expects his following to be small, for he knows that his path is the high road, the one less traveled. As such he hopes to have a personal relationship with his followers. Domi will develop a holy order of paladins who strive to rid the world of evil and make it a safe place for the followers of light. Domi hopes to inspire his followers to great feats, not only in combat, but in their everyday lives. He believes in paying it forward and the greater good. That being said, he is not above mercy, and believes in using those who were once evil as champions of good.


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