Lady Aleru, Queen of Chivalry

Name Lady Aleru, Queen of Chivarly
Player MichaelGoldClaw
Domains and Portfolio’s Good (Chivalry), Nobility (Just (as in good) Monarchs)
Alignment Lawful Good

Armored neck to toe, usually, Not much can be said about Aleru’s body. She stand just one inch shy of 6 feet without armor. The armor usually adds one to two inches. She has long, blonde hair blue eyes. Her armor is full plate with blue and gold cloth underneath. When in battle or combat contest, she wears a helmet with her hair flowing out.

Aleru is a kind and noble woman. She honorable, respectable, and brave. She believes that everyone should be fair and honorable to each other so that good comes of it. She is a hot blooded individual. At worst, this makes her stubborn, reckless, and impatient, however it also makes her unyielding, bold, and decisive.


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